Friday, December 4, 2009

What's Up

Just a little glimpse of what has really interested me lately. All my sources spawn from CNN, so check out their website to learn more about the fascinating world in which we live.
There is an issue brewing between Iran and America. Well it has been brewing and now it’s approaching its broiling point. You see, the problem is Iran wants to build ten nuclear reactor complexes and nations across the world. Considering Iran’s recent interest in developing weapons of mass destruction; a great deal of concern comes about when Iran and anything nuclear are mentioned in the same sentence. The article says, "Iran denies it plans to build nuclear weapons, saying its nuclear program is for civilian electricity and medical research." Now; I am all for nuclear power. It is an extremely efficient resource that is very safe when managed properly, but is not utilized very much in America. So, what to do? Several members of the UN do not trust Iran to have nuclear power. It would be extremely dangerous, but it would also be dangerous to allow Iran to gain control of that much nuclear material. What to do? Some have suggested that Iran should move forward with there plans under the ‘watchful eye’ of the UN. I don’t know, It’s a dilemma all right…

In the box office New Moon (the new movie from the “Twilight” saga has been doing amazingly well! It made about $140,700,000 on its first weekend in theaters!! Pre-teen girls across the globe (and me) flocked to see it. Some, including my sister, saw it three or four times during its debut. One thing CNN’s web article, “No sex please, we’re vampires” mentioned that the “distinct lack of on-screen sex runs contrary to the popular trend of portraying teenagers on screen as playing fast and loose with their virginity and affections.” I’m glad that this formula is proving to be popular, especially among younger audiences.

In other news, a biometric hand was developed at Pisa's Valdera Polo Sant'Anna School and surgically attached to Pierpaolo Petruzziello's nervous system via electrodes implanted into the remaining part of his left arm. You see, Pierpaolo Pieruzziello is an amputee. Now, instead of being a patient; he has become a pioneer in biomedical engineering (or at least I think that’s what the field is called). During this experiment, the hand responded to 95% of the commands sent to it from Pieruzziello’s brain. Given more time, research and money the “LifeHand” could, quite possibly be a viable option for amputees in the near future. Bottom line, THAT IS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!! My question is: If we can create a hand that responds to the brain’s commands, could we also make other things? Like Doc Octopus’ robo-arms or mind controlled exoskeletons or maybe even mind controlled cars?! Mind control... Awesome.

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