Thursday, December 10, 2009

Freedom Fighters

Laborer’s Rights

The fourth amendment guarantees Americans the right to assemble. Therefore, it gives us the right to go on strike. Looking back on the Haymarket Square incident in 1886 we see how a protest for the rights of workers everywhere turned into a tragedy. Employers have the right to fire or replace employees that go on strike, but that’s the danger of going on strike.

Women’s Rights

The right to vote is power; power to get you opinions out into the world or the country in which you live. In the 1920’s women had to fight for their right to vote. Because of their hard work, the nineteenth amendment was finally added to the US constitution. Unfortunately, the nineteenth amendment dose not give women equal rights; it just gives them the right to vote. I think that there should be an amendment to the US constitution that gives every American citizen equal rights regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or any other kind of difference that marks them as different or weird. We are all people. As Americans, as human beings; we all deserve to be treated equally.

I have a Dream

Martin Luther King is a really great speaker. While listening to his speech on YouTube, I couldn’t help but notice the power behind his words. I really love this country. America is a great place. Sometimes injustice and corruption find ways to creep into the minds of our politicians, officials, representatives, and other individuals that make up “The People”. However, we will not all be corrupted. There will always be good people, and therefore; there will always be good men and women fighting for what they believe in.

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